Safety & Health Policy

Modern Food Enterprises Private Limited (“MFEL”) recognizes people as its most important asset and is committed to provide a safe and healthy work environment for those working on, visiting and living near our operations. Management at all levels is highly sensitive and always on its toes to provide occupational safety and health performance of the Company. At the same time, it is the duty of every employee to work in a safe manner so as not to endanger himself/ herself or his/ her colleagues at work and during travel. This is a condition of employment.

Safety Is First

MFEL is committed to manufacture, handle, use, transport, sell or dispose-off products, in safe and environmentally sound manner. MFEL aims to prevent occupational injuries and ill health through the following actions:-

  • Integrate safety into all business processes. Proactively evaluate risk of occupational injury/ illness and implement actions to mitigate the risk.
  • Design, adapt, operate and maintain technology, plants and other facilities within the designated safety criteria throughout their working life.
  • Develop, introduce and maintain safety and health management systems across the organization to meet concerned standards as well as statutory requirements for safety and health. Verify compliance with these standards through regular auditing.
  • Set continual improvement objectives & targets and review these periodically to ensure that these are met.
  • Inculcate safety as a personal value through behavioral intervention at all levels, recognition of positive behavior and continuous correction of unsafe behavior.

Health Is The Key Of Growth

MFEL is fully committed in ensuring the HEALTHY WORKPLACE FOR ALL and will achieve this through the following actions:-

  • Through Health protection activities by assessment and control of occupational health risks, thereby protecting employees from work related hazards to their health.
  • Through health promotion activities by ensuring access to primary medical care and through promoting and maintaining employees’ health in order to ensure their medical fitness to work safety.
  • MFEL also recognizes and fully understands the harmful effects caused by the use of alcohol and tobacco / Drug products on mankind and aims to adopt an approach of educating its employees about the ill effects of these bad habits, by carrying out awareness programs that will illustrate the harmful effects of these products that can cause life-threatening harm to the human body. MFEL further affirms that if an employee was found indulging in substance abuse he will be counselled and offered all medical aid possible to overcome the habit. If the individual consistently indulges in the use of alcohol and tobacco / Drug products on the site, then appropriate disciplinary action will be taken against such employee.

Involvement Of Employees

MFEL will involve all employees in the implementation of this policy, provide appropriate training and also provide for appropriate dissemination of information on safety and health at work and travel, through suitable communication networks within MFEL.

Expanding The Horizon

MFEL aims to implement mandatory Minimum standards at Franchisee operations, second party/third party manufacturers/ Co-packers and in dedicated warehouses. MFEL will verify the compliances with these standards through regular auditing.