January 04, 2018

The sandwich is one of the simplest and most versatile foods that can be whipped up in a matter of minutes. From the youngest sibling to the experienced mother, all members of a family are well versed with the ’sandwich architecture’ that is unique to each household. However, the sandwich is not an infallible dish to create. The little things that go into making the sandwich are critical for creating a delectable meal.

Follow the pointers below to create what foodies refer to as ‘sandwich supreme’-

Sandwich Supreme - Modern Foods

Choose fresh ingredients.

You can create a palatable sandwich by pulling out random ingredients out of your refrigerator, but using the freshest of ingredients creates the best sandwiches. The juiciest tomato and the crunchiest lettuce will do wonders for your sandwich.

Use the right bread.

Before plopping the ingredients on a piece of bread, take a moment to envision the sandwich that you are going to create. Pair the bread with the filling that you want to use. Remember, the moister the filling, the drier and denser the bread should be.

Use a serrated knife.

Using a serrated knife to slice the bread and vegetables makes the process faster. Make sure the slices of bread are no more than an inch thick.

Grill the bread.

Grill your bread with butter for added flavor. This extra step takes about a minute but makes a remarkable difference. When grilling your bread, wait for it to turn golden brown for the right amount of crispiness.

Spread condiments evenly.

Whether you choose to go with mayonnaise or some classic butter, make sure you apply a generous amount. These spreads will ensure your bread remains crispy by acting as a waterproof cover and protecting it from wetter ingredients like tomatoes.

Stack the ingredients

When you’re in a hurry, you miss out on the simplest of steps. Stack your ingredients evenly for a level sandwich. Patience is key.

Finally, press you sandwich down to keep all the ingredients together. Use a toothpick to hold the sandwich together if you need to. Now, you’re sandwich is ready to be devoured.