July 24, 2018

In India, there is always a tradition of preparing feasts at home. And by feasts, we mean a wide assortment of dishes and delicacies which are sure to last beyond one family meal. Thus, mothers in India often find themselves in the predicament of having to clean up the leftovers and either store them in the fridge for another day or simply dunk them in the dustbin. Then, there is also the issue of fussy kids and family members who will refuse to eat leftover food. This is where bread can be a saviour.

The universality of white, brown and multi-grain bread means that it can be the perfect accompaniment to just about any dish. So, if you are in dire need of making your leftovers seem more presentable and mouth-watering, combining them with bread should always be your go-to option. Here are five leftover dishes that can be turned into serious relishes with your everyday bread:


Never heard about a bread idli recipe? Well, in case you have some leftover portions of sambar and are in no mood to go out and purchase ready-made idlis, then all you need to do is add bread crumbs to a rava mixture and voila – your bread idli, the perfect accompaniment to sambar, is ready! This yummy twist to the favourite delicacy from South India, is worth the effort.


Butter Chicken:

While it might be a rather rarity that you will ever have leftover butter chicken, in the odd event that it does happen, then you can always count on your sandwich bread to turn this into a fancy culinary delight! Carefully remove all the bones from your chicken and set them aside. Grease your buttered sandwich bread with the curry and create a sandwich with the chicken chunks. Don’t forget to garnish it with onion, tomato, bell peppers, and coriander!


The perfect treatment that you can give your halwa, be it made from suji or carrots, is to prepare it according to the bread halwa recipe. You can either stuff hot halwa inside two slices of brown bread and serve it with honey, or add bread crumbs to the mixture and turn it into something truly wonderful!


Yellow Dal:

This might come as a huge surprise to many, but yellow dal with white bread is a combination that truly transcends any flavour you might have experienced or enjoyed. This one also rarely takes any preparation time as you can simply dip the white bread in the dal and gobble it down. The sweet, starchy taste of the bread infuses warmly with the scrumptious yellow dal, and makes for a wonderful pairing!

Paneer Bhurji:

When you have some leftover paneer bhurji, you have all the necessary ingredients for the perfect paneer sandwich in a way. Generously stuff the dish between two slices of multi-grain bread and apply dollops of tomato ketchup to it for a stunning smorgasbord of flavours!

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