5 Easy To Make Indian Desserts That You Should Try This Festive Season

October 07, 2019

A festive celebration in India doesn’t feel complete without the company of loved ones, traditional rituals and a delicious sweet indulgence. With Diwali around the corner, it’s time to join in the enthusiasm and soak in the festive spirit. Along with vibrant rangolis, welcome your guests to a table full of sweet treats that are not only easy to make but undeniably yummy to eat. Here’s a roundup of easy Diwali recipes you can try at home, inspired from regions around the country:


RagiMalpua is like an Indian version of the world-famous pancake. The best part about this celebrated dessert is that it is made using healthy ingredients such as ragi flour, oats and wheat so you enjoy double the flavour without the guilt. If you want to give the dish an even more wholesome twist, make the pancakes on a non-stick pan and drain theextra oil instead of following the traditional route and deep frying them.


Known to originate during the Mughal era as a delicious means of consuming unused bread, ShahiTukda is a delectable Indian dessert that can be easily prepared in the comfort of your kitchen. The sweet indulgence is made using bread that is deep fried in ghee until golden. After this, it is beautifully garnished with rabri, nuts and khoya. ShahiTukdais a simple yet a great choice for Diwali parties. If you don’t want to fry bread, you can take inspiration from the flavoursand create your own special version with cake rusk biscuits.


PuranPoli is a sweet delicacy prepared across Maharashtra and other parts of Western India during festive season. It gets its name from Marathi Language where ‘Puran’ means sweet filling and ‘Poli’ means outer bread. PuranPoli is easy to prepare and is made using flat bread that is stuffed with sweet daal filling (Chana dal mixed with sugar).


Peda is among the most popular desserts across north India. You can easily make peda at home and infuse it with saffron to give it a special festive touch. If you’re feeling lost for time, search for easy to make instant Peda recipes that can be made to the end in under 30 minutes.


This festive season, treat your guests to something different. DudhiBarfi is made using bottle gourd and is derived from the traditional version of LaukikaHalwa. The authentic flavor of Halwa is taken a notch above with cube shaped treats that are not only easy to eat but also ideal for serving.

Apart from home-made desserts, you can also bring home ready to serve snacks such as chocolate or fruit bar cakes to compliment the spread. With flavours inspired from around the country, these sweet treats will not only save you time but also delight all your guests and loved ones!